Why do you need to assess my child more than one time?2018-11-27T21:42:13-05:00
Our process allows us to evaluate your child in different situations and with different coaches. This approach allows us to place your child where they will have the greatest opportunity to grow and develop.
Why are fees different for each season?2019-01-24T11:08:53-05:00

The fees are different because it is dependent on the costs associated with the type of facilities used and number of practices required each season.

What’s included in my fees?2019-01-24T11:10:44-05:00

Your registration fees include all practices and games. In addition, you will get game uniforms, track suit and a Benfica Soccer School knapsack to carry all your gear.

Fees do not include additional tournaments that may be registered for the team as well as any associated travel and sundry costs.

What is the youngest age that I can have my child join?2018-11-27T21:44:57-05:00
We accept children as young as 3 years old to join our Benfica Soccer School. We have experience in working with young children to make soccer a wonderful learning experience that is both fun and enjoyable.
What forms of payment do you accept?2018-11-27T21:43:45-05:00

We accept all major credit cards as well bank transfers.  You will be sent a receipt for payments made.

Is there any cost to pre-register or for an assessment?2018-11-27T21:42:32-05:00
No.  There is no cost to pre-register or to have an assessment.  We believe that every child should have an opportunity to learn and grow in the sport of soccer.
Is Benfica Soccer School owned or affiliated with a 3rd party company?2019-03-21T14:32:03-04:00
Benfica Soccer School is an official academy of Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Benfica Soccer School is a registered trademark of SL Benfica. SL Benfica is the only major European soccer organization that has decided to invest in developing and raising the level of soccer excellence in North America. It is associated with the Benfica House Toronto.
How many practices do you have?2019-01-22T21:10:37-05:00

This is dependent on the age of your child.  We can practice anywhere from 2-3 days a week.

How do assessments work?2018-11-27T21:55:08-05:00

Once you have successfully pre-registered, we will be in contact with you to determine when and where we would like to see your child.  A number of different coaches may look at your child 1-2 times to gauge your child’s proficiency within the SL Benfica development process. Once we have determine where your child will best fit into our program, we will be contacting you by email or by phone to discuss the next steps.

Can my child join a rep team?2019-01-22T21:10:02-05:00
Regardless of experience, we have a process in place that will allow us to determine your child’s ability and where they fit into the SL Benfica development process. We will notify you a few days after our last assessment session. Register for our soccer tryouts.
Can I pay in installments?2018-11-27T21:42:59-05:00
Absolutely. We understand that not everyone can pay the entire amount, but you are more than welcome to do so. You can pay in installments for the duration of the season. There is no additional service charge for paying in installments.
Are your coaches volunteers?2018-11-27T22:04:21-05:00
None of our coaches are volunteers. All of our coaches are paid. We do not allow a parent to coach their own children on a team. No exceptions are made.
Do you have a girls team?2019-01-22T21:26:06-05:00

Not yet. We are committed to creating a number of competitive girls teams. Right now, we have a number of girls who are practicing and playing with the boys teams. We encourage and welcome girls of all ages to apply.

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